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DaedalusX64 | Nintendo 64 on The Sony PSP Playstation Portable: Compatibility and more!

Hello Everyone!

DaedalusX64 is the Nintendo 64 Emulator for many different consoles, Including the PS Vita, & 3DS XL/LL Family of Systems, but we are going to go over the the compatibility of some N64 Games on the Sony PSP, this alone is an Amazing achievement in of itself considering the PSP Launched in North America in March 0f 2005, less than 10 years after the Nintendo 64 was released !

I often get asked a lot of questions over and over regarding compatibility on certain N64 games running on the PSP. So I've made this blog post in order to consolidate the most updated version of the compatibility list in an easy to share way with me customers, each list shows how it rates each games level of compatibility: Please Proceed below:

How to use list:

Just Click on either list below and just scroll through to look for the game you are looking to check, for example if we are looking at checking compatibility, for Cruis'n World on the first list it states the following:

  • Daedalus version: 1.1.4 <--- Minimum Daedulus Version Supported

  • Playable: YES <--- Is it Playable or not?

  • Sound: YES (async) <--- Sound on or off in Emulators Settings

  • FPS: 10-14 (sound) <--- Frames Per Second.

  • Notes: Plays great using optimal settings. Music is good in the menu, but static during game - audio is otherwise good. Seems to run pretty good. <--- Notes


List 1 - DaedalusX64 Fandom Page Using the WaAayBack Machine.

List 2 - DaedalusX64 - List from Official GitHub Repo

You can message me on whichever platform you originally messaged me on to get started! if not, you can contact me by using my check section at the bottom on desktop, or if you're on mobile, click here to go to my contact page where you can also chat

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