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Adding PSP Games to the PSP

I often get asked how to add more game to the PSP & most people come to find out that it is relatively easy, after you downloaded the file, just add it to the iSO Folder that is already located on your PSP's root folder! (Root folder is the 'start' or 'the base starting point' of the PSP in this case) it is as easy as drag and drop!

Here are the steps in case you'd need them spelled out though.

  1. Connect PSP to computer with USB Cable or remove the SD Card from the memory Stick adapter & plug it in to the computer the adapter of your choice.

  2. Identify the 'iSO' Folder on the root,

  3. Locate the iSO game file you downloaded that you want to add.

  4. Drag & Drop the iSO game you want to add from your computer, TO the PSP SD Card.

  5. wait for transfer to complete

  6. Unplug or reinsert Memory card back into your PSP

  7. Go to the Games section to make sure the game added & loads correctly.

  8. Be Happy.

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