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It's been over 1 year!

Hello! I was looking through my blogs and see that I have been doing Miku Mix's, and writing on this blog! I am not sure how many of you actually read it or see it, but it feels good to look back at some of the stuff or things I did from last year up to now. I will attempt to post more and more various things here so I can have an archive of things to be able to look back on which I will eventually share to my Facebook should I choose.

With that said a couple of things since my last update, this past Christmas was a little unique. Someone I knew had another mental breakdown and had to visit them and make sure they were ok, but aside from that I had a nice time with the kids. We opened presents and watched TV Shows & movies all day & at the end of the day my dad brought us all Jack in the Box Tacos!

Next was new years which was again unique in it of itself. We spent it at the in-laws family's house and we stayed fora decent amount of time, while there as good food and people, we ended up leaving early way before midnight. Which wasn't too bad as spending new years in your own home for the 1st time felt pretty good. We spent that night taking out the old bed and putting my sons bed back in the room for him to sleep in it again.

This whole year has been filled with just as much adventure as the last, still trying to figure things out and how moving forward is going to proceed, We are already planning a trip to Disney around Aug. 2019 so that we may still use our annual pass from that year, at Disney World tokyo, I am also, looking forward to the 2020 Japan Olympics as well, We are looking to travel together and experience japan in the best times!

Check out my next entry for the rest of my announcements!

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