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Time flies when you're not looking at it.

Hello & happy Holidays!

(Miku trying to steal presents)

I just noticed it was been nearly 3 months since my last update!

Most of the reasoning behind this is personal, but lets just say someone close to us has had to be admitted to the Hospital twice for suicide, & it's been encouraging trying to help make their live's better & I hope life gets better for them.

On a more positive note! I have had a new Miku Trance mix that I have been meaning to finish but haven't had finished making the video part of it & will hope to get that up and running before Christmas :D

In other news, I have kinda transitioned from my own site to an Etsy store, it feels a lot easier to manage and feel I can reach a bigger audience though a curated market than a standalone site.

I have added several different products to the store as you can see in the image below,

Side note: I am going to repurpose the forums I have to serve has resources for my content, such as links for downloads from my videos, with upcoming projects and other various things to help us all organize things and work together eventually on something.

Sad to say though, Christmas this year, for us atleast, might not be as magical as any other year and this year would be harder than other years due to the current struggles, but I hope to bounce back soon and live more refreshed and ready to take on new challenges. Thank you to everyone whose helped us along the way, we appreciate your aid!

(Here's pic of me & Dorian today going to work, it started during right after the pic) | Tag: iAM11774 | @XxkoolloserxX

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