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Another long week soo far!

Hello & good morning!

This morning I actually could not play Overwatch becuase blizzard server is down so I deciced to write this blog instead! :D Apparently there was initially a 200 min wait, then I closed the window and opened it again and it came up to 750 min wait >:/

Had a busy week this week earlier with Sunday actually taking Dorian to the fair last min as a family, & we mostly ate food and Dorian had the most fun & saw several things, we were able to ride the log ride that goes down a hill; that was his favorite part, but he wasn't happy we had to go, but complied at the end. Dory & I actually got into the fair for free as we parked outside fair grounds (for the 1st time ever) and there was a Ford showcase outside and there was FREE fair tickets for anyone that signed up, I was hesitant at 1st, but followed through & in the end, it was a free ticket just for ford showing off the new trucks with '360' degree cameras, which you should go check out and draw an opinion yourself; the camera are cool and all but I wouldn't consider them 360,but ANYWAYS.....

last Saturday, I took the kids to a firefighter safety festival and was it GRAND, both my kids did the firefighter monkey bars very well back & forth even though the height of the bars were practically 2x times my height, but got alot of candy & learned alot of stuff, I also accidental popped Amy's balloon hat while playing around with her :/ & I felt bad about that, she even made a sad drawing :/

The other day though was both scary and thrillful but happy that all was well that eneded well, did some things for a case with someone important to me, but it also took up most of my work day as well but glad that when I got there I was able to finish most of my work but I have a big customers thing to finish today & hope I do not get much things to do so I can finish :/

BUT on another note, this coming up weekend is a busy one with my kids! have PNO or 'Parents night out' at ASI gymnastics where you can essentially go and dorp off your kids and they can practically have an open gym night from 6PM - 11PM, I don't mind dropping off my kids, but I like to stay with them there and see them have fun, last time the kids were really good, but we got there a little late and so Dorian was a little mad he had to wait to get on the trampolines and stuff but after all that everything went really well; it was mall night so they had money to spend :P but with this weekend being halloween PNO I'm sure they are going to have a great time dressing up! On Sunday is when I will be taking Amy to her 1st concert ever: Evanescence is going to be in town and I will be taking her so that she can see who she was named after & not to mention that she also likes to sing Amy Lee's songs so I am sure that she will be amazed & ecstatic to see her, but I do not have enough money for a meet & greet :(

Thank you for keeping up with my guys and cant wait to keep you more informed,


There is one new YouTube video on my channel which is a short EDM DJ mix of Miku songs which I actualy really like lol you can click below to check it out!

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