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Long day & week ahead of me!

Hello everybody!

This week has been a hectic one! but am still hanging in there! I have been trying to change my sleep schedule from the late evening to the early morning & so far it has been working out good in a way, I am more tired and more irritable but I hope its been for a good cause.

This morning I worked on my store a little bit more, added some overseas products to see if any people are interested in that it would take up to 12 days to ship I believe but would get to you in no time!

The other day I also woke up at about 6am to start working and I was tired that day but glad it was over in the end, maybe that mentality will stick with me and carry on!

Today is Wednesday, so that means I have to go to the Dr, I do not see the Dr. I accompany someone else, but most of the time I take care of our son Dorian, all he wants to do is play, & I see why, but that is a story for another day, but when I am there I also resolve any potential misinterpretations or miscommunication which is always a problem, BUT hopefully after the Dr. and after work is done, I get to go to D&B with the usual crew that's there! (^▽^) or if no one is there that is even better ( ̄ω ̄) as I won't have to share the machine lmao. but last week I streamed my time there & if you haven't checked it out you can Click here to go to my YouTube Channel to check it out! & while you're there check out my other videos.

I also posted a new video on Youtube while you are there on how to install GBA Emulator on PSP! pretty easy and straight forward IF YOU HAVE CUSTOM FIRMWARE.

Will hopefully start working on new Miku Mix tonight for release this weekend, I'm dying to share all my new & maybe classic vocaloid trance/edm music with you guys! (Unfragment is one of the best songs of all time, of all time!)

That is it for this time, I will update you guys next time when I do something awesome!

PS ADD ME ON Blizzard! 'iAM'

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