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Update to website & Vocaloid store!

Hello & good morning!

This morning I made some updates to the Vocaloid store & my personal website! Some updates include updated template & site structure, & updates in my about my on my personal website. will continue to update as I can.

On another note I managed to make a PSP emulator video yesterday you can check it our on my Youtube! I hope I am able to keep up with production, and focus on what I do.

Also, from my personal life, I ran into 2 people recently that I haven't seen in years and they have some wonderful stories to share both about their lives & experiences, people's journey through life, which is something we all share, is nothing short of interesting for each and every person.

You know who you are!

until next time!

Catch me at DDR This Wednesday & D&B Dallas 09-13-17 Livestream

- Nemo

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