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Busy last week!

This past week has been very busy for me; mostly busy with work & I actually went to Animefest convention in Dallas! Animefest was for 4 days from Aug 17 - 21. There were lots of people cosplaying, lots of vendors to see & most of all the people there were interesting to talk to! I saw some people there from A-kon, another Anime Convention.

My kids overall had the greatest time, aside from being super tired from all the walking and everything we saw and did. you can see their cosplay in the images below.

Work has also been very hectic, being able to concentrate more on what I need to do allows me to focus more without being interrupted as much which means I'm able to keep my thoughts in tact until I am done with the task at hand. More recently I have learned how to hack the PSP (not invaliding vita) to allow it to be the ultimate portable gaming machine. Will upload a video showcasing it and I will have PSP's available on my services sections and you would be able to buy one hacked with a 32GB memory stick included with charger on my site, & eBay, Next on my list would probably be the DS or the Vita itself.

Thanks for always keeping up with me and keep an eye out for my next update where I could strait discussing my invasion for the future and how I believe it is going to chime in the age of creation.


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