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Small Update


This is along awaited update since the last time I wrote on here alot has changed since then, things have happened but what matters is that we are here.

So my YouTube channel was affected a by the ad boycott on YouTube a small bit, basically going down nearly 80% of what I usually receive, but moving forward, as you ave noticed, I have making making DDR lately, I use to try to live stream to YouTube but due to connections I stopped so now those videos are just recorded and upload lol,. You can go directly to my channel by clicking here & check them out.

I have also recently released a new Hatsune Miku Mix, this is more of a Progressive Trance Mix, with more of an Armin taste added to it. This is linked below, as always feedback is appreciated.

I do also have a store that I am working on with artists by putting their artwork on customs items such as shirts, mugs, pillows, etc... & believe this to be a good idea generally as it allows these artisets work to be known, and get promotion & exposure for their work & their name.

You can find the store by clicking here and using the password 'colyay' to get a sneak peek! Let me know what you think of prices, and styles and whatever else would come to mind! Everything is sold and printed in the USA so you know you are going to get quality and fast shipping!

Another big thing that happened recently was a-kon! The longest running Anime convention & I get to see a couple of panels, I went with my son all weekend and we both had a blast, took pictures with alot of people, played lots of games, & the most important panels I went to in my opinion, were the 2 Vocaloid panels on Saturday. They both made my night. Dorian got to see many of his key people too like Luigi, Mario, Luka, Sub Zero & many more! Dorian dressed up 3 days Friday he was Sonic The Hedgehog, Saturday he was a Dinosaur & Sunday he was Superman! Cannot wait to go to A-fest.

If you have not gotten a chance to see where I work you can see so by clicking here on our website here we do Computers, Cellphones, Laptops & Tablets. We also activate cellphones & offer extended warranties weather you have bought from us or not!

Well this was a small but needed update. I will attempt to be more active in order to start keeping up with something consistently until next time! Let me know what else you would like for me to make video on or talk about.

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