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New YouTube Video & Mix

Good evening!

Today I come to you with a new video from my YouTube Channel, but this video comes in in the form of a new Mix! The new mix I have uploaded to my channel is a Trance mix or, it can also serve as a chill mix for when you want to listen to a nice beat when you are relaxing. Anyways it's the first mix I make public so I would like to hear your feedback on it as well. All the songs mixed are sung by Hatsune Miku who you all should remember from my last email blast.

On another note I am trying to play some more games on my PC to get ahold and maybe eventually start posting/streaming to YouTube, for the meantime I am just trying out random games I have heard about so nothing too specific yet.

I have also been learning Japanese for when I plan to leave for Japan in about 2 years. I have already learned how ask for someone's attention by saying "SuMeMasay" thats how you pronounce it, but I will get better over time. Other than what I've already said, not much has happened this week, but I will see you guys for another email blast!

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