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1st Blog post

Well this is the start of it, My name is Nemo I am a tech enthusiast and pretty much learn about it 24/7 and also love to make videos, I used to have my own webs show kinda sorta similar to iCarly we premiered on MySpace (Link) [old I know] and you can still find the videos on YouTube (Link) but I cannot get access to the account anymore and could not get help from Google/YouTube, but now on my new channel (Link)I will cover everything from Wii tutorials to help some of my customers get up and running with all the games they want, to Smash Bros streams and more! Lastly, I have my last active channel which is simply titled, "Greg's Video Archive' (Link) basically uploading videos for my life to the internet and past projects so feel free top subscribe to all them and help yourself to the daily content!

Feel free to click around on my website and come back from time to time as I do update/change things on here.

Thank you and please leave a comment with anything you would like to say!

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