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1. I've never had a PSP before, but I'm curious about it, can you show me what it has on it?

2. How do I add more game to the system?

3. My PSP Froze what do I do?

4. How do I do the Z button on N64 emulator if there is no bottom button?

5. How can I add music to the PSP?

6. I do not Like X being no & O Being Yes, They are flipped, how can I flip

them back to what they are?

7.  The N64 Emulator works slow/has bugs, can you help?

8. How can I add videos to the PSP

9. Can I connect the PSP to the tv?

10. I don't like the way the theme looks, can I change it?

11. How can I put a bigger memory card in the PSP?

12. I have a game UMD that I would like to backup on my own so that I can keep my disc safe. How do I do that?

13. I have some progress saved on an Emulator, can I transfer that game save to another system like my computer, phone, etc.?

Q. My PSP Froze & I don't want to remove the battery, what do I do?

A. If your PSP Froze while playing a game, black screen, or doing anything else, you can press & hold the power slider in the 'up' position for about 5 seconds, after which the LED light indicator while shut off, wait about another 5 seconds, & then power on the system like normal. It should reboot back into the main menu & you can go from there. 

Q. How can I add music to the PSP?

A. Very easy! Simply Get your MP3 songs from wherever you'd like. If you are wanting to download from Youtube, here is a link for 2 that I use from time to time.

Link 1

Link 2

After you get the MP3 File, connect your PSP to the computer as usual, & you are going to go to the location: Memory Card > Music and just simply drag & drop your music into the folder, you can even separate by artist for example: Michael Jackson > Thriller > Beat it.mp3 easy as pie isn't it. If your boring, you can read the Official Sony Manual

Q. I do not Like X being no & O Being Yes, They are flipped,

how can I flip them back to what they are?

You can follow the video or do this: When on the home menu, Click the Select button & it will bring up the VSH Menu, Scroll down to "Recovery Menu" Then click on Registry Hacks, After that go to Swap X & O option, Go back by pressing back on the top, then back again, & you should be back at the PSP henu menu, click Select' once again & Click on the 'Reset VSH" option, the PSP will restart and after that your selections should be how you set them!

So on the PSP (and even the PS Vita) the N64 emulator pushes the systems to their limit. Most games may not be playable as per the Compatibility Guide, click here to see list of supported Games

something that can help the PSP is 'Overclocking' it, so that the processor will perform at its max. t do this is easy. On the Home menu, press the select button, after that you will see 2 options.
"CPU Clock Game" & CPU Clock XMB" as pictures below.

Screen Shot 2023-05-04 at 11.24.58 PM.png

after you see the menu pictures above, Press the D Pad LEFT or RIGHT until you get to the setting 333/166, once changed, scroll down until your get to Reset VSH, your console will restart & now should be running overclocked. To remove the overclocking feature.

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