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- Where are games located?

- I don't see all the games I thought I had on my Wii, where are they?

- I have a game save that I want to transfer, can that be done?

- I'm missing the sensor bar, is it required?

- What controller options do I have? 

- Can I still online with my Wii?

- I want to install a game on the home screen, how can I do that?

- I don't care about Wii games, would I still need a Wii remote?

- My TV only has HDMI, Can I still connect my Wii to it?

- I want to record or live stream my gameplay, how can I do that?

where games

Q.- Where are games located?

A. Nice to have you here with me. If you done your system done through me, then then when your Wii powers on you should see the loader with Gamecube Games, Wii Games, & Wii Virtual Console games on the menu screen. There are 2 ways to play the classic games (N64 & before) either through an emulator 'app' that, when you go in, you will see all the games for that particular syste. The other way is through 'Wii Virtual Console' which means that games will be on the 'desktop' as 'channels' that you go in & game starts right away. each has its advantages & disadvantages, but each their own.

Q.- Where are games located?

A. Well welcome aboard! You can check out this 'overview' video I like to show my customers.

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