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Welcome to the site, my name is Nemo.

Hello Everybody! Welcome to my personal website where I will pretty much put up everything I do on here to show it off to the world.

Started from the bottom now we here!


My name is Nemo, I make videos on Youtube, fix your electronics, mod some game systems, watch anime, listen to mostly Vocaloids, & many other various random things. don't be afraid to ask me or start a conversation!

I guess you can say I got my name from the movie 'Finding Nemo' & while that may hold up true for a little bit, the meaning mostly came from a song I would listen to long ago! So no I'm not just a fish lol

More will be filled as time comes.

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My Story


I have been very quiet most of my life, & not really understanding much, I guess I still have trouble picking up things, mostly just go with the flow oh things and most times it works out! I grew up all my life in Texas, and have been here ever since! I used to live in apartments just like most of us lived at one point, I eventually moved into a house. Spent my whole childhood 1/2 inside & 1/2 outside, but I think most of my friends would find that hard to believe! When I was inside 

My story
Video Games

Video Games


I have different tastes in games, first I suck at shootings games (except for overwatch on PC for some reason) In terms of playing socially/competitive the usual Mario Kart 64, Smash Bros Melee, Mario Party 4, or OverWatch.

Since I have a short attention span and always on the move, story driven games such as 'The Last of us' or 'Mirrors Edge' I cannot sit down and do the story, I forget, or my attention is not on the game and in turn I end up taking forever to do anything lol




Comedy, horror, & cheesy movies are my taste lol call it what you will but thats reality. some of the movies I am into are This is the end, SuperBad, Napoleon Dynamite, while my other interested are also Be Kind Rewind, Kung Fu Panda, Mortal Kombat, Super Mario Bros Super Movie, & best movie every Year one! 




My tastes for music come from the one main thing that has influenced most of my life, technology,  I generally like most electronic forms of music that includes everything from Chiptunes, to Eurodance, to Hardstyle  & so on! I have to say though,  my most preferred form of music would be any form of trance, that includes forms of Orchestral-Trance, Emotional-Trance, Vocal-Trance & many more.  



I have always been a YouTube fan, but only recently have I started putting up all the videos I have always should have put up, Everything from DDR vlogs, Wii tutorials, through PSP & everything in between. 

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